We Create Breathtaking Elevator Cabs With a FRESH NEW TWISTS

Teeter Works is a custom elevator cab manufacturer that creates innovative solutions for lit or non-lit applications in many industries including health and medical, restaurants, clubs, hospitality, commercial, residential, retail, landscape architecture and pools and spas. Our main point of focus is to find and master niche markets, primarily but not limited to, lighting controls. We then develop and produce a solution for that niche and implement the product into our distribution network  

We provide 3 services to assist your elevator interior design needs; Standard, pre-designed and pre-engineered, elevator interior packages which you can customize with any of our thousands of available finishes. As well as custom interior elevator design for cab interiors fabricated to your exact specifications. 

Teeter Works also provides turnkey design, engineering and fabrication solutions for your elevator interior design & elevator door needs.

  • Most elevators are fitted with windowless cabs that shoot up and down structures’ dark interior shafts, offering their users nil views to the outside. Elevated Design Group is trying to open up the space with real-time technology that creates a virtual window inside the cab. Its goal: To give architects a tool to keep a building’s occupants oriented as they traverse its interior.
Samples of Elevator Cab Designs