Translucent Textured Onyx

Our Translucent Onyx Textured products aren’t really just for walls. They are for all types of surfaces. They can be used to enhance the design of furniture, ceilings, cabinets, drawer fronts, and doors. Our collection is comprised of designs that are all epoxy and granite mixes. Our Translucent Onyx Textured products are available in many different patterns. Customized to the details of your project, each pattern can be finished in any finishes. Installed on walls, ceilings, desk facades, really, on any interior surface, our Translucent Textured Onyx Panels create depth and dimension and bring your project to life.

  • Translucent Textured Onyx also known as synthetic onyx. It is unaffected by coolants, has excellent long-term stability, improved thermal stability, high torsional and dynamic stiffness, excellent noise absorption, and negligible internal stresses.
Samples of Several Translucent Textured Onyx